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We coach Black Women to holistically advocate for quality  healthcare providers and aggressive treatments for chronic disorders to help position Black Women for success!

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Suffering in Silence

Mental Health Matters

Traumas, Triggers, Trials, Tests, Temptations

Mindfulness Matters

Discover new ways to tap into your inner creativity, focus and resilience

Soul Matters

Introduction of Self-Determination Strategies

Faith-based Best Practices

Emotional Trauma Best Practices

Body Matters I

Healthcare Racism and Biases

Advance Directives

Healthcare Best Practices

Body Matters II 

Wellness Care Best Practices

Mind, Body, Soul

Thriving Matters

Soaring 2 Success

Execution of Self-Determination Strategies




Let's Create Your Plan, Craft Your Strategy, for you to Execute towards Soaring 2 Success! 

Self Advocacy Suffering 2  Soaring Strategist Coaching is for YOU if: 

  1. Struggling with chronic pain disorders that is not being treated for complete healing. 

  2. You are ready to find your holistic patient care team

  3. You want to fix those choices that negatively impacted your health

  4. You have been selfless to others far too long and it is time for a change

  5. You want the authority to be the expert on your life; You want to life your life on your terms to make decisions which affect and hurt You 

  6. You know you want more control, and you want to make the life decisions that best for your health and success


  1. Gaining the clarity, insight, and awareness you need to powerfully move forward.

  2. Learning to trace and understand what triggers your chronic pain that impacts your daily activities.

  3. Being able to learn how to vet and secure a patient care team that holistically provided quality healthcare treatment to include alternative approaches.

  4. Being able to have a safe support group to discuss with other black women the challenges of coping with chronic pain management.

  5. Learn action-oriented best practices. 

  6. Finding your soul worker - work that inspires you- the work you were built for. 

  7. Being able to turn your pains into gains to soar for success on your terms!

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Talks & Trainings

We have affiliate licensed professionals to help you create your plan for your 

Mental Health and Mindfulness Matters to help you

  1. Feel in charge of your life instead of life running you

  2. Being able to show up comfortably and powerfully in any situation, just being you.

  3. Creating a community and building exceptional relationships.

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Signature Talks 

Colorism to Chronic Pain for Black Women 

A Critical lense into chronic pain disorders experienced from a child to womanhood in Black Women. 

Celebrating Your Body on Your BornDay!

Collaboration with Revive with Oils for alternative approaches for chronic pain disorders and management. 

The Sistah Advocacy Society Membership

Mission: To embrace black women who have been stereotyped for chronic pain disorder treatment by healthcare providers. 

Vision: To collaborate with black healthcare providers that look, listen, and understand black women holistically and will proactively test, treat, and train black women on the importance of early detection of chronic pain disorders.

Purpose: To provide community support, safety nets, and wrap-around resources to educate, advocate, and legislate change for better healthcare treatments and therapies for black women. 

Community Outreach Advocacy:  To educate the workplace on health disparities with Black Women that impact their job performance due to absenteeism due to healthcare providers' undertreatment of chronic disorders for black women that intermitted family medical leave with pay, short-term and long-term disability benefits are offered and provided for black women to maintain an income while dealing with chronic pain disorders. 

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Discover How the Season of Self-Determination will help you conquer chronic pain disorders for you to SOAR 2 SUCCESS!

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